An excelent Adult Wordpress Theme for a new adult website or tube, 100% Mobile-First.
Product Details

SxVideos resembles the best themes in the business, xVideos, Pornhub, Redtube… a powerful theme built with passion, a great theme to start if you want to get your own name in the history books. Its interface allows you to have better profit from your xxx sites. But if you are still looking for something more fun and out-of-the-book try pornflix one of our most unique themes, it’s amazing!

Special Features



100% Responsive

Sxvideos is ready to use in any kind of device you can think of… mobiles, tablets, desktops, you name it. Its user-friendly interface will be a joy for your users!


Give it color!

You can choose the best color that suits your project, Light or Dark, the sky is the limit. Choose whatever color fits your personality, remember this theme will be as customizable as you like to.


Setup panel

SxVideos has the option to setup your website with a handy number of functions, such as adding your tracking codes, you can also ad codes to profit from your xxx tube, select colors and many, many more customizable options. Our team makes sure efficiency is key when building a new theme so you will get the best wordpress theme quality


Add images to your categories

With Sxvideos you can even select one image of your choice and give a more unique look to your website, it gives a better user experience, your users will love the interface, add a picture so your page looks more complete.


Classic pagination or Infinite scroll

Choose from infinite scroll or regular pagination, with the first one you can navigate through the website without moving to another page, with the pagination option you’ll have to click the next page. (1,2,3 and such).

All the features

  • SEO friendly
  • 100% Responsive
  • Dark and light color version
  • Choose your own colors.
  • Add images to the categories and also descriptions
  • Multiple ad spaces
  • Video player ad space
  • Sticky mobile ad
  • Classic pagination or Infinite scroll
  • Video description
  • Video share options
  • Video comments
  • “Report video” button
  • Tags and categories
  • Star ratings with meta rich snippets
  • Dropdown menu
  • Footer menu
  • Search videos bar
  • Lazy loading
  • Video duration
  • Video views counter
  • Custom logo and favicon images
  • Own panel control