¿You recognize this one, right? A Wordpress Adult Theme inspired by the famous VoD platform, Netflix.
Product Details

Pornflix is the first adult theme that resembles the worldwide success company we all know, enjoy our latest wordpress theme, we’re sure your users will love it as much as you, it’s built by SEO’s for SEO’s, start making profit of your latest tube project.

Special Features


100% Responsive

Pornflix is ready to use in any kind of device you can think of… mobiles, tablets, desktops, you name it.


Ilimited color option

Give pornflix your own style, you can change the colors easily.


It even has it’s own setup panel

You’ve full control of the functions in pornflix, you can activate/deactivate wathever options you may need, change your SEO descriptions, add your tracking codes, select your favorite color, add your code ads… You can explore the options, I’m sure you will love its versatile customization.


The best ad-positions tested

We’ve been working and testing on ad’s placement so your next big project can get better profit from the banners (better CTR), all the ads are strategically positioned to give you the best income through your ads, we even have a pre-banner so the user waits a couple of seconds to play the video, we are constantly trying to make better themes for you, we give a lot of thought on ad’s and this theme is not the exception, we highly recommend it for those SEO’s looking for upgrades for their very own site.


Classic pagination or Infinite scroll

With this function you can easily choose from infinite scroll or regular pagination. We advice you to use a regular pagination for SEO benefits, the best way to get results is by testing and testing! 🙂

All the features

  • SEO friendly
  • Netflix based structure
  • 100% Responsive
  • Featured videos slider
  • Ilimited color selection
  • Multiple ad spaces
  • Video player ad space with seconds counter
  • Custom code ad into each video categorie
  • Classic pagination or Infinite scroll
  • Most viewed and most rated videos page
  • Video description
  • Video share options
  • Video comments
  • Report video button
  • Tags and categories
  • Star ratings with meta rich snippets
  • Footer menu
  • Search videos bar
  • Lazy loading
  • Video duration
  • Video views counter
  • Custom logo and favicon images
  • Own panel control