Can I use the themes/plugins in more than one site?

Each sell at Pornwp.com equals to only one license that can be used only at one domain name. You need to buy for each domain/site one license to use our themes/plugins.

Are these themes only WP use?

Yes, wordpress is the best CMS in the world, that’s why we focused to create only the best products for WP, the themes and plugins sold here are optimized to work at is best with wordpress.

Note: Remember that you need to have a domain name, a server, and a wordpress.org site, these products don’t work with wordpress.com (the free website builder).

Are these themes built for all the browsers known for the human kind?

Yes, pornwp belives that is important to make themes that work for the most used browsers worldwide, most of our themes work well with every browser, but you may have some issues with internet explorer old versions.

What happens if pornwp.com has server issues, are my sites going to malfunction?

Nope, each product we sell can be used in your own server at your own responsability.

What’s the expiry date of pornwp.com products?

Each license you buy is forever, but each buy only includes one year of updates and support, to extend those benefits you will need to buy the product the next year (after it expires).

Can I resell pornwp.com products?

Absolutely not, each license is for your own use and it’s resell/distribution is completely forbidden, the misuse of our products will make us take legal actions for copyright.

Can i buy pornwp.com products with some friends and then share the content?

As we said in the previous answer, each license is for only one website/domain, it’s completely forbidden to buy with groups of people, the misuse of our products will make us take legal actions.


How can I get support for the product I just bought?

The process is quite simple, you will need to contact us clicking here, or vía email (support@pornwp.com), please… make sure to add as many details as possible, the email needs to contain the issue and the buyer’s info.

How many times can I receive support’s help?

As much as it’s needed, you can contact us anytime even if there’s a bug or any minor problem related to the product itself, also you will receive one full year of support for every license you have (can’t be accumulated). We reserve the right to answer emails that do not fit with our policies.

I need an extra modification, can you guys do it?

Yes! We have a custom service for every modification you need, we have a team of professionals that will help you with any modification to pornwp.com themes, click here or contact us vía support@pornwp.com, remember to put in detail what you need and please, provide some examples of what you wish to be the final product. This service has an extra cost so we will make sure to meet your needs.

I’m bussy, can you guys install and setup the theme/plugin I just bought?

Yes, we’ve a personal service, you will need to pay an extra fee for the custom service, after you finish the payment, you’ll need to send us an email to support@pornwp.com with your payment ticket, your URL, FTP and WP access, our team will usually take up to 24 hours or 36 hours to complete the task.


What are the payment options?

We only receive paypal payments at the moment, it’s the easiest and fastest option, but we’ll be adding credit payments in a near future.

What are your refund policies?

We don’t give any kind of refunds because it’s a digital content, so please we advice to read carefully and be completely sure of your purchase at all time.

I got charged (again), after a year using your products…

We don’t make automatic charges, you’re free to pay another year for your support and updates benefits.


How frequently do you release updates?

We build our products in order to adapt to every wordpress update, so they can still work after the latest wordpress updates, we release updates when needed…  we might fix a bug, add more functions to our themes/plugins, only if and when necessary so our clients can have the best service and product out there.

How do I receive these updates?

Usually our updates are automatic, so they must appear in your wordpress panel, if you have any kind of problem you can always go to pornwp.com and download the latest version at any time you want.

If I update to the latest version (themes/plugins), am I going to lose my modifications?

It’s highly probable that you lose any modification you made, so we advice you to make a backup before updating to a new version.


  • Remember to read our FAQ, here’s all the info you’ll need, by buying our themes you are agreeing to our policies in our TOS, any disrupt in any of our copyright policies we will proceed to take legal actions.
  • Remember that you can always contact us via email. (support@pornwp.com).
  • We currently don’t have telephone support at the moment.